Susan Cleveland Design is an award winning boutique design practice based in Melbourne working across large and small scale residential renovation projects. Design solutions encompass all areas of the home, with specialised knowledge and detail in kitchen and bathrooms.

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Melbourne provides a wonderful environment for Apartment Living. Renovating these spaces requires unique solutions to ensure a seamless end to end proposal for successful completion.  

kitchens & bathrooms

Providing specialist knowledge in the kitchen and bathroom arena. With knowledge and all fundamental design aspects of these two highly detailed spaces our end results are to provide function and form with individual style.



Briefs will often encompass the spatial and structural layout of residential homes. I work within the parameters of the existing home and enjoy the challenge of redefining the areas to encompass all that is required. With materials and interesting storage solutions an existing space can be transformed to suit your lifestyle today.



This lovely, large family home in a leafy bayside street built over 14 years ago was ready for a makeover. Our client’s brief was to bring personality to the cream interiors and bring their love of Hamptons Style to the forefront.

The design solution changed the orientation of the kitchen with vistas over the pool area and in true Hamptons style, we included a dedicated bar area for entertaining! We added lots of practical storage areas but kept it warm and detailed with Walnut Melamine and Two Pak painted shaker profile – classic elements for Hamptons Style. With our tradition with a twist philosophy, we added a sidewise move to the classic Mademoiselle Applique Wall Light. The downstairs powder-room followed through in a lighter tone, with glamour and luxe looks including a bevelled mirror, shaker handles and feature lighting.

Considered design details result in a home that is practical, yet stylish. With top quality finishes throughout and dark timber floors replacing the mundane cream tiles, the house’s muted colour pallet flows through the different spaces connecting them together. The sophisticated choices of natural textures, splashes of geometric white tiled walls, and clever design highlights ensure the house - despite it’s size - is one that feels welcoming, liveable AND loveable!


Photos by Tahnee Jade Photography

A modern take on a sliding door


Set amongst a large established grounds and surrounded by some of Melbourne's most stunning gardens in Olinda, this large residence lends itself to traditional country living with a modern take. This cooks kitchen was designed with a luxurious feel and little twists of modern juxtaposed with the classic country aesthetic. Relocating a number of doorways provided the opportunity to include an exceptionally large Butlers Pantry. Country living at its best is highlighted by quality finishes, handcrafted bespoke cabinetry, a modern barn door for a sleek finish and black appliances. This space now offers an open invitation to it's residents to enjoy in their pastime of great cooking and entertaining family and friends.



Creating a Slice of Refined Industrial Vibes


A desire for the extra-ordinary inspired this Melbourne husband and wife team to seek their dream kitchen design. Underpinned by a love of the industrial aesthetic, this dramatic kitchen features clean, purposeful lines, providing the cooking enthusiasts a space to compliment their culinary passion.

The original kitchen was a predictable u-shape with inadequate storage. Island dreaming was not thought possible in the space. Susan Cleveland Design turned it on its head by removing the kitchen window and placing a huge picture window to provide a culinary vista and light to the moody blue kitchen.

Bold lines are accented by deep gunmetal Brodware tap ware, aged iron handles from Simon Piettella, and a fiery Asko duo fusion cooktop. This kitchen space makes a statement, yet ultimately remains practical and welcoming with extensive storage accomodating the needs of the cooking enthusiasts. A wonderful blend for a young family serious about cooking in a space that promotes their own slice of favoured depth and fine details.

Photography by May Photography.



Modern Zen


Desire for an area of zen and relaxation but keeping the practicalities for a main bathroom in an adult family was the brief for this home. We achieved the minimalist aesthetic to create a tonal space with texture and a monochromatic palette.

Photography by May Photography



Monochrome accents


Perched high on a hill in the northern suburbs overlooking the lights of Melbourne is nestled a lovely mid-century weatherboard cottage. We provided a reworking of the existing home to provide an ensuite for the parents who favour a retro feel. A combination of working in a monochromatic palette and clever choice of materials provided this ensuite with the elements of retro with modern convenience. A large walk in shower, generous storage within the vanity and playfulness with the choice of laminates provided this ensuite with a strong personality for this young family.



City Style for a Suburban Home


This ensuite is part of a larger renovation and was created from an oversized mid-1970s laundry.  It provided a powder room, long sleek new ensuite, wardrobe area and a european laundry. The owners wanted an ensuite to embrace a strong adult space and personality. Existing doorways were filled in with translucent windows, allowing a generous full width rain shower with a large glass panel framed in black. All other elements were kept to a minimum with neat simple storage. Tiles are the hero of the room, richly blended in natural grey stone with sweeps of copper which allowed the clients to enjoy their favourite urban feel in the suburbs.



Smart spaces and clever storage


With a tiny amount of space for generous cooks and a busy family, and working to a firm budget outline, we were able to provide maximum amount of storage with a young vibe. Black handles and a clean palette to soak up the hardwood flooring and the clients eclectic treasures provided a larger than it really is space with generous storage. Nestled at the end is a pantry to hide all those necessities for home cooking. Custom built for the school of knocks with a family of cooks made this kitchen a true Eurostar.



New outlook for a country style kitchen


This kitchen firmly nestled in the beach side suburb of Brighton, Melbourne belongs to a young family who enjoy gathering with family and friends.  With their aesthetic firmly planted between country and modern clean lines. The choice to mix it up with a traditional shaker profile and minimalist black  made way for a brave new look.  The combinations provide not only balance of a youthful style to the home, but form and function to last well into the future.



Green and Clean


Our clients requested to be blown away with the hottest juicy green laminex we could find. The brief was to create simple storage – and lots of it, and with a huge burst of colour. They wanted a bit of tongue and cheek room to ensure they felt happy when doing their least favourite chores. The laundry is long and sleek with a clear view to the outside deck area and the sink can be converted to a bar-be-que bar when entertaining. The last piece in the retro happy feel of this Melbourne mid-century home.